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TriDot Check-In with Coach Jessica Baxter: Part 1
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Jessica Baxter is a TriDot Coach, IRONMAN Certified Coach, Metabolic Efficiency Level 1 Training Specialist, and six-time IRONMAN. Having completed over 100 races of various lengths, including two 100-mile ultras, she is founder of Baxter Performance, which specializes in metabolic efficiency and optimizing nutrition for optimal health.

You Can Fuel Your Triathlon Better with UCAN - Part 2
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You may have heard Gastrointestinal (GI) distress can plague athletes. Perhaps you’ve even fallen victim to it yourself. Maybe intense heartburn ruined your training run. Or maybe worse, indigestion was the detrimental factor on race day.

The Triathlon Swim: 3 Key Insights Part 3 - Drafting
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Our previous discussions of the three key insights within the triathlon swim established an understanding of how and why start position and sighting in an open water race are both influential to your overall triathlon swim success. While sighting is an especially invaluable skill, it (sometimes) loses its necessity once you’re drafting behind a competent swimmer.

Triathlon Training Intensity: Know When to Back Off or Take Off
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Triathletes typically have Type A personalities. We’re goal setters, “go-getters,” and overachievers. Instead of training for one sport, we train for three. 

Our grocery carts replicate the fresh produce and meat department, our cars look like a sporting goods sale, and there’s never a time when we’re caught up on laundry or washing water bottles.