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TriDot Triathlon Training Strength Training Running Mechanics
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I’ve been running for over half my life. That means two things. One: I’ve been logging miles for over 16 years. Two: I’m getting old.

TriDot Triathlon Training Avoid Bonk Swim Bike Run
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If you’re new to triathlon you may have heard the term recently, saw it satirically written on a fellow triathlete’s t-shirt, or even ate a “Bonk Breaker” chew, but do you know what the word actually means?

Triathlon Training Swim Bike Run Nutrition Generation UCAN
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In the triathlon world, there are a wealth of opinions and theories as to which nutritional method is best. For years we were taught that a high carb diet was an athlete’s best friend. Now science is putting that idea to the test.

What Type of Bike Do I Really Need for Triathlon?
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As a seasoned triathlete and a coach, I’ve heard this question a lot. Often beginners want to know what kind of bike they should buy for triathlon. And my response is initially always the same (and not without my patented sense of snark): “A bike that fits.” But, of course, that’s another topic for another day.

Why You Need a Methodical Triathlon Training Program
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Ever heard the statistics of how many Ironman triathletes are also engineers? Well, you can put another tally on the board, because I’m among their number. But why are so many triathletes naturally found in fields of work where “Type A” personalities thrive?

Triathlon Training Run Cadence
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Beep, beep, beep, beep. Right, left, right, left. Beep, beep, beep, beep.

I match my footfalls to the metronome app set to 180 bpm (beats per minute). Right, left, right, left, right, left.  Rats! I’m off again. Right, right, left, right, left, right—once again matching the beat and the constant beep of the metronome. 

3 Key Points to Remember About Stamina Training in Triathlon
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For me, the start of every triathlon season is like clockwork. I’ve come to realize that a scheduled event rolls around once every spring. One in which I acquire the opportunity to repeat the mistakes of my past. It’s a time to be foolish in my confidence. A time to act out of pride. Perhaps it’s the suppressed tenacity or the ambition that gets to me.

Triathlon Training Journals: Be a Student of You
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Are you making progress in your triathlon training? It seems like a simple yes/no question, but I am always surprised by the number of athletes who aren’t sure if they are making progress. Furthermore, if an athlete responds that they are making progress, they often struggle with my follow-up question—how do you know?

TriDot Check-In with Coach Jessica Baxter: Part 2
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Jessica Baxter is a TriDot Coach, IRONMAN Certified Coach, Metabolic Efficiency Level 1 Training Specialist, and six-time IRONMAN. Having completed over 100 races of various lengths, including two 100-mile ultras, she is founder of Baxter Performance, which specializes in metabolic efficiency and optimizing nutrition for optimal health.