Three Key Points to Consider in Your First IRONMAN Triathlon
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Triathlon is a daunting sport.  There’s no denying this fact.

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Today's Listen Up! podcast addresses the interpretive world of triathlon rules.

My guest to discuss this topic is USAT Official Scott Tafoya. Scott has been an official for over four years and an endurance athlete himself since junior high, completing two Ironman races. 

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Today's Listen Up! podcast addresses the important topic of mental preparedness for triathlons. My special guest to discuss this often neglected topic is Tory Robinson. Tory is Director, Sports Performance and Psychology for Infinite Sports World, an Official Holistic Training Facility of TriDot.

TriDot and LAVA Magazine Introduce First-of-its-Kind IRONMAN Course Rating Index
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New IronIndex to Rate Difficulty of all IRONMAN Full Iron Races in LAVA’s Road to Kona Issue   

Are Power Meters Worth the Investment?
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That depends on whom you ask: I'm pretty sure your financial planner will advise against it, but your triathlon coach will likely give a resounding endorsement.

Go Open or Long
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I understand the comfort of your indoor 25 yard short course pool.  Your times are familiar.  Compared to what I’m about to talk about, they’re fast.  And that short way to the other side is the oh so forgiving wall.

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The morning of your triathlon you may experience nerves, fear, excitement, an indescribable queasiness or all the above as you make your way to T1. Regardless, it's important to recognize and manage your feelings so you don't end up short-circuiting the goal or goals you've put in front of you. 

Stop Collecting Junk Miles.
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“A junk mile is only junk if it doesn’t have a purpose in your training.” – Mario Fraioli of Competitor Magazine.

Power Versus Stamina
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Being an endurance athlete for over half of my life, I can safely say I’ve trained the majority of those years the wrong way. I thought, ”I’m an endurance runner so I need solid endurance.”  What I had no knowledge of was the need for stamina … and even more importantly … the need for power.