3 Reasons to Consider a Triathlon Coach
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Triathletes are typically a solitary lot. Self-driven. Self-trained. Self-reliant.

They often like to do things alone. The notion of seeking a coach to add value to their triathlon training can take many out of their comfort zones.

Why a Proper Triathlon Bike Fit Improves Efficiency
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I’ll never forget the sight I saw at my first IRONMAN 70.3 as I rode along the coast of Lake Michigan (yes, I’m talking about Steelhead). However, the spectacle before me had nothing to do with the race venue.

It was the proficiency of my competition that had me baffled.

What are PhysiFactors and How Do They Impact Triathlon Training?
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TriDot’s objective in triathlon training is simple: Get the best results in the least amount of training time – maximize your training return. It’s simple to say, but more complex in execution.


The fact is effective triathlon training requires an athlete to balance five key variables:

When Am I Ready for an IRONMAN?
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Triathletes commonly ask how long is required to fully prepare for an IRONMAN race. My answer is simple: Everyone’s unique, so there’s no one answer. But everybody’s plan should ideally include both a developmental phase and race preparation phase.

TriDot Normalizes Weather Changes for Better Triathlon Training
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This past summer I moved from Nebraska to Texas. Like most moves, it brought a tremendous amount of change. 

At the same time, I was in the midst of training for my first IRONMAN and coming up on some key workouts in race preparation. I was not only moving my belongings, I was also taking months of solid improvements into the intense Texas summers.  

Is a Post-Workout Stretch Necessary in Triathlon Training?
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You’re crunched for time as it is. 

You wake up well before the sunrise to get your morning workout in and then maybe try to squeeze in another session over your lunch break. With so many responsibilities to balance, just getting in those quality workout sessions is a large task. 

What's Your TriDot?
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What reaction would you get if you asked a fellow triathlete, "What's Your TriDot?"

UCAN Webinar: Bob Seebohar Discusses Nutrition for Endurance Base Training
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TriDot Nutrition Partner Generation UCAN recently teamed up with former Olympic Sports Dietitian Bob Seebohar, MS, RD to conduct a webinar entitled "Nutrition for Endurance Base Training."

TriDot's Event Program Generates More Sponsorship Revenue
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TriDot's new Event Partner Program offers event organizations that produce multiple triathlons a more lucrative sponsorship structure than a traditional sponsorship approach. Events can earn both a base sponsorship fee in addition to athlete-referral fees.

Clubs Generate Revenue with TriDot's New Club Partner Program
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TriDot's new Club Partner Program offers cycling, running, masters swim and triathlon clubs across the U.S.